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Invoker and filomena

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Mirana with her army, Luna who is hurt and unable to help her people and Fymryn is left to deal with the aftermath of the war between Terrorblade and Selemene. She was asked by the Invoker to bring Davion back but before she could, he is taken away. And then finally, there is the Invoker's final words to Selemene "Do you love me?".

1506 Games in List. The Eye of Eikshal by atlas7. Blood Legacies by ldnunes. Secrets of Swatheford by swatheford. The wars we wage by mahdia-sanogo. Eternal Spring in Solitary Confinement by sparrowagnello. Love Verse by rkhafizov. Arthurian Tale - Camelot by cainabel. Next in Line by writingmysoul.

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with special gueststhe Moving Samson the CookandArchduke Conrade Tiddybeard's Mind-blowing Dancing White StagsAlso featuringthe Miraculous Knight, Tara Fatpicklethe Striking Ringmaster, Faust Potchaserand the Stupendous Cartoonist, Jettie Haggisberry.

That included her lover, Invoker, and their daughter, Filomena (Genevieve Beardslee), who both still worshipped her predecessor, the goddess Mene. Though Invoker and Filomena head off to have a life of their own, Filomena is stricken with a strange, unexplained ailment.

The big twist is that Filomena's father is the sage Invoker, who reveals in the fourth episode that he's in possession of the lotuses. Because the Goddess Selemene demands that everyone worship her — even her own lover and daughter — she inadvertently plays a major role in the prophecy's fulfillment.

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